Convert VHS and 8mm camcorder tapes to DVD or digital video files

Cine Film DVD Transfer

Lords Photography in Brighouse, West Yorkshire for video and cine film to DVD transfers. Remember those embarrasing VHS home videos that your parents filmed of your first solo in junior school choir? Wouldn’t it be fun to watch them again?! We can convert those masterpieces to DVD so you can show your children how cool you were as a kid!

So, get out those old boxes of cine films and old video tapes, blow off the dust and bring them into Lords Photography for a DVD transfer.

We can digitize tapes in all formats including VHS, VHSC, video 8, Hi8 and digital 8 tape.

 VHS and camcorder tapes are getting harder to play, even if you can find a working machine, so have them transferred and converted to modern media today.

Unlike many other companies, all our video tape and film transfer jobs are produced here in town, so your VHS and camcorder video tapes and movie film will never leave the Brighouse area.

Drop off your memorabilia at our store and return a few days later to find everything safely preserved on DVD  – ready for sharing and enjoying on today’s technology