Film Developing & Printing

Film Developing in West Yorkshire

We develop 35mm

C41 film in-store

At Lords Photography we have been providing high quality film developing for our customers in Brighouse and across Yorkshire since 1966.  We use the highest quality film processors, printers and chemicals to ensure that you will get the best possible results from all your film. We develop, print and scan C41 in-store every day. 

Your film is processed with care by film loving people, and when we develop your film, we always return the negatives.

We inspect each print by hand to consistently give you the best prints available – everytime. All prints are made on quality photo paper and are available with or without borders.

Need it in a hurry? …..Same day is available (35mm – C41 process only)

We also offer a 7 day 120 colour or black and white negative film service.

Film developing for your disposable single-use cameras.

We can develop, print and scan your disposable (single-use) cameras, including 35mm as well as Advanced Photo System (APS) disposable single use cameras.

We can develop all types of disposable cameras, including Kodak, Fuji Quick Snaps, wedding table cameras, and many more. You can choose 4x6 prints, have your pictures scanned (to CD or USB drive) or both. Prints are available both with borders or without.

Film Developing Via Post

Fill in the form and send with your films


Postal Service

Send us your films for developing

Simply click on the banner below, fill in the form, print it and send with you films.

As soon as we receive your order in the post we will inform you of the cost and delivery time estimate.

You can then pay over the phone with a credit or debit card or send us a cheque.

Need a Film?

We carry a large selection of film, in both color and black and white. Drop by our store to browse our film selection. Going to a party or having a wedding? let your guests capture the action. Pop in to pick up the latest disposable cameras, we can process them for you so you can re-live the future.